Week 1 Week  1 Am. Snack Lunch Menu PM Snack
  M Cereal/Bananas/Milk Soup/bread/fruit/milk Canned Peaches/Digestives/Milk
  T Waffles/fruit/Milk Meatless lasagne/veggies/fruit Rice cakes/sun b/cheese/juice
  W Apple sauce/toast/milk Sandwich/veggies/juice veggies/Dip/cracker/Milk
  T English muffin/fruit/milk Pork tenderloin/perogies/veggies Cracker/cheese cubes/Juice
  F Cereal/Milk/Juice Pancakes/sausages/veggies/fruit Cookie/fruit/milk
Week 2 Week  2 Am. Snack Lunch Menu PM Snack
  M Cereal/ Milk/fruit Scrambled eggs/hashbrown/veggies Sun butter/crackers/milk
    Smoothies/gr wafer    
  T yogurt/fuit/milk Pasta primavera/cheese Rice Cakes/CheezWhiz/Sunbutter
  W Fruit/Toast/Milk wraps/veggies/juice Triscuits/Melted Cheese/Salsa/Water
  T English muffin/fruit/milk meatloaf/rice/veggies/fruit Fruit Salad/Digestives/Milk
  F Banana bread/Milk/Fruit/ Cheese toast/veggies/fruit Ice cream cones/juice
Week 3 Week  3 Am. Snack Lunch Menu PM Snack
  M Cereal/fruit/milk Spaghetti & Sauce/veggies/fruit Fruit/Sunbutter/Gr.Crackers/Milk
  T Waffles/Fruit/Milk Hot Dogs/veggies/fruit Trail Mix/juice
    Smoothies/gr wafer    
  W yogurt/fruit/milk Sandwich/veggies/juice Cookie/fruit/milk
  T English muffin/fruit/milk Sloppy joes/roll/veggies Pudding/biscuit/fruit
  F Cereal/Milk/Apples/ Chicken Ceasar salad/roll/fruit Canned Pears/Arrowroot/Milk
Week 4 Week  4 Am. Snack Lunch Menu PM Snack
  M Cereal/fruit/Juice Macaroni and cheese/veggies Triscuits/Melted Cheese/Salsa/Water
  T Bagels/fruit/milk Chicken stir fry/rice/veggies/fruit Rice Cakes/CheezWhiz/Sunbutter/Juice
  W Waffle/fruit/Milk Wraps/veggies/juice Fruit Salad/Digestives/Milk
  T Muffin/fruit/milk Taco salad/beef/veggies/salsa Cheese Cubes/Wheat Thins/Juice
  F Apple sauce/toast/milk Quesidillas/cheese/veggies Oatmeal cookies/fruit/milk
  Lunch Served With Milk, Fruit, and Cucumbers/Carrots when vegetable not specified in menu

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