Sher (ECEIII) -  Preschool Supervisor


Room 2 (18 months to 2 yrs)

Joanne (ECEII)
Lilibeth (CCA)
Rylee (CCA)
Tannis (ECEII)

Room 24 (2 yrs to 5 yrs)

Amandeep (CCA)
Cliff (ECEII)
Harkirat (CCA)
Maria (CCA)
Marilou (CCA)

Room 26 (2 yrs to 5 yrs)

Amruta (CCA)
Danielle (ECE II)
Echo (ECE II)
Michelle (CCA)

Room 27 (Kindergarten Children)                                              
Dianna (ECEII)
Heather ( ECEII)
Meagan (ECE in training)
Raessa (ECE II)
Tene (ECE in training)


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